What amount is Delivery?

Our cost for conveyance is £15.00 with full protection. Requests are posted with completely guaranteed exceptional conveyance and ought to show up inside 1-2 working days. Every one of our requests are conveyed by means of Royal Mail and is protected and secure.

Payment Questions

What is payment options ?

We acknowledge a scope of installment strategies, including money, platinum card, check, bank move and Visa installments.

Kindly note because of the severe necessities of gold bullion there is a proof of recognizable proof required on all items.

In the event that you are paying by a card we do charge a 2% on top. In like manner, we don’t acknowledge card payment on values above £5000, in this way these requests must be made through bank transfer.

Do I Need to Pay VAT?

We don’t include extra VAT onto our requests. Starting at 2001, there is no VAT payable on venture gold bars or coins with the exception of on silver.

For what reason is the Price Different When I Place an Order?

The costs are live spot costs subsequently they will be changing each moment until you are in the ‘checkout’ and that if the last value you should pay for the item.

Just as these costs are shown as ‘from’ which implies the cost showed is the base and will change contingent upon the amount bought. To empower you to see the real cost of the specific amount wanted, navigate to the thing and on the following screen you will have the option to adjust every factor so as to locate a careful cost.

Products and Services

What does Assay Certification mean?

The entirety of our Pamp and Metalor bars have a stamp on them to show the complete immaculateness of the gold. Each bar has a novel sequential number and accompanies a coordinating numbered authentication. This likewise applies to Umicore bars over the heaviness of 100g. We just purchase from affirmed makers and bought pristine, direct from the provider.

Is it accurate to say that you are a gold stockpiling bank?

No, we are not a gold stockpiling bank. We don’t clutch our clients gold. Any gold offered to us will be melted down right away.

Do You Buy Scrap Gold and Silver?

Indeed, we purchase scrap gold and silver, for example, bars, coins and gems. Be that as it may, we don’t accepting dental gold, fillings or grain.

Do You Buy Back Gold Bars and Coins You Have Sold?

We do repurchase bars and coins that we have sold at the absolute best rates. You simply need to send us your gold through the ‘sell’ page here on our site with protected conveyance; we will at that point esteem the things and email you a statement. The cost will rely upon the state of the item and the current cost of gold.